Answer for question 4310.

Do you laugh at things that you shouldn’t? Describe one time in particular when this happened. Did someone else see you laughing? If so, what happened?
Yes. I think it's called "nervous laughter." When I'm nervous, pressured, stressed, and when I feel uncertain, I tend to just laugh about it. I remember it started when I was in second year college. We were in the middle of a lab. experiment when I started laughing because I had no idea what was happening with the results we're getting. xP My groupmates were also laughing that time... the experiment went well tho. But this "nervous laughter" stayed. I still laugh everytime i feel uneasy.

Answer for question 4438.

Do you tend to swear a lot? If so, what curse word(s) do you use the most? If you're not someone that swears a lot, do you substitute words like "shoot" or "fudge" instead?
Yep. I do. I got used in saying fuck and holy shit a lot. xD but sometimes i do substitute shoot, fudge, and oops.

Answer for question 4468.

If you could take a two-week vacation right now without having to worry about the details of making it work (money, vacation time, etc all taken care of), where would you go? Who would you bring with you, if anyone, and who would you want to make sure you went without?
I'd definitely go in Finland to see the aurora and to stroll around... enjoy the place and probably make new friends. I'll isolate myself on the first week of our stay and on the second, I'd explore the place further with my closest friendssssss, Haha. We're like a squad so I think it'll be fun. xD


I have this feeling deep inside that I want to cry. I don't know the main reason why but I want to let things out. My emotions are not quite stable these days, and again, I don't know why! >.< Maybe because I'm frustrated? the hormones? because I don't have much to do? or is it due to over-thinking? or worst, the combination of all? I don't fucking know and it annoys me. -.-

I'm 21 and I feel so limited and trap. I cannot do the things that I want not because I'm unduly guarded, but because I do not have the means! I want to work, travel, provide something for this family, and upgrade my sense of independence but I cannot seem to find a starting point. I have plans. I do. But but... I don't know why I cannot move out, move out from this shell I'm in for years. I'm capable, quite have extra adipose in my system but still healthy. However, when it comes to emotions, I'm handicapped. I consider myself physically ok but mentally disabled and that makes no difference from those suffering in reverse... I'm even worse than them if you think about it, to be honest.

I want to change because being like this is so emotionally draining. Too bad, change doesn't happen overnight. I know I have to work hard to set new things, to make myself happy. But, what actually do I have to change? That's the question that's halting me everytime. Ugh. It's hard. Nonetheless, I'm pretty much sure that I'm lost at the moment. Lost in a way that I don't know which way to start... what's that "specific step" that I should do to unfold the planned sections of my life that are just waiting behind the chains. Do I need to hear a certain magic word to activate that innate drifted desire? -.-

Goodness, Cali... you have to wake up.

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